Automatic weighing of trucks
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Automatic weighing of trucks

Truck on the scales

Our company has made a truck weighing system for Municipal Solid Waste LandFill (MSWLF).

The client's requirement was to automate the weighing process as much as possible.

Our company has completed all the work on a turnkey basis, namely copmany has:

  • connected a weighing point in a remote and hard-to-reach place to the Internet, installed a LAN, connected all the equipment to the UPS;
  • Internet antenna
  • installed a video surveillance system at the client's site with a video recorder, for detailed recording of all processes at the weighing station;
  • installed a Hardware and Software Solution (HSS) for weighing, which automatically weighs trucks at the landfill entrance and exit. Accounting software automatically calculates the tare weight and records information about weighing in the 1C database;
  • HSS automatically records license plates of trucks, maintains financial records for counterparties and after each weighing prints out receipt with information about the weighed transport;
  • The client's HSS is connected by a crypto-resistant communication channel to the client's server, through which it automatically exchanges financial information with the accounting database. Thereby the operator at the weighing point is always up to date of the current balance of each counterparty. At the request of the client, information about the current balance of the counterparty was added to the weighing receipt, which was automatically calculated by the accounting system data;
  • HSS automatically controls the traffic light at the weighing point and the illumination of the number plate at night. After fixing the weight, the server gives a command to turn on the green signal at the traffic light and the driver leaves the scale. This does not require any action on the part of the operator;
  • traffic light and camera
  • HSS is able to work in semi-automatic mode, with the participation of the operator. This is required in case of issues in determining the number plate, for example, when it is missing, dirty or damaged, and also in case of problems with the video camera, for example, due to heavy precipitation, when the camera cannot physically work properly. In this mode, the operator can manually enter weighing data;
  • HSS has an alternative system for fixing everything that happens. It is the detailed logging of activities. This journal is not available for editing by the operator and it has remote access to the management from the central office of the company;
  • The HSS is connected to our cloud infrastructure, by which remote monitoring and backup carries out.

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